North Carolina's Madison Cawthorn, who represents the state's 11th district in Congress, has been a controversial political figure since he began his run for office in 2020 (via CNN). While he brought in negative critiques from some voters, he captured the attention of the younger generation in North Carolina. Political science professor Chris Cooper told CNN, "He's 24-years-old, he's dynamic, he was able to articulate the ability to reach out to younger voters. I've heard him referred to by some as 'The AOC of the right.' I don't know if that'll borne out to be true, but I do think that the generational piece is key here as well."

While many voters were able to forgive some of the controversies surrounding Cawthorn, others can't look past the many traffic stops, cocaine use allegations, and sexual harassment claims against him (via The U.S. Sun). Now, the representative has found himself caught up in yet another scandal before the dust can even settle from his prior infractions.

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Cawthorn was recently issued a citation for an incident at an airport

Madison Cawthorn may have made history by becoming the youngest person elected to the House, but his tenure hasn't come without controversy. The North Carolina representative recently found himself tied up in yet another scandal. According to NBC News, Cawthron was given a citation by the Transportation Security Administration at an airport in Charlotte after attempting to bring a loaded 9mm handgun onto an airplane.

The 26-year-old newbie in Congress was pulled aside at Charlotte Douglas International Airport after TSA agents discovered the gun in one of his bags during the routine security screening conducted before passengers board the plane (per WBTV). Due to an ordinance in the city of Charlotte, Cawthorn was issued a citation for "possession of a dangerous weapon on city property." According to reports from the scene, he cooperated with authorities during the ordeal.

This is not the first time Cawthorn has pulled this stunt, though. He had attempted to bring a loaded gun on a flight before and was issued a citation then as well. He was also recently pulled over for speeding and driving with a revoked license (via WBTV).

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